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About us

Sneha IT is a leading company providing IT and consulting services to communities globally. Our mission is to develop, customize and integrate web applications in the best suitable platforms for organizational needs. Our applications will benefit communities and enable them to undertake activities leading to overall community development.
Our beliefs
We work on innovative concepts with latest Information Technology that drives our customers ahead from their competitors.

We help all industries having capability to reap the best possible advantages of the opportunities available in today's corporate world. Further, we believe IT centralization is the key for all the industries to synchronize with the fastest moving commercial drift.

Our experience
Sneha IT has served as a web design and application development company for years, covering a range of services that specialize in areas such as web design, e-commerce website design, advertising, online marketing, graphic design, online services, and more.

We thank to our valued clients who believed on us and would like to add you to our other esteemed clients.


Internet Pioneers
Wide range of Hosting solution,application hosting with custom design

We have been in business for almost three decades - we'll be here when you need us.

Our industry-leading domain name security protects your domains from being hi-
jacked or stolen by others.

Complete Solutions
We can meet all your online needs including Web site hosting, Web site design, e-mail, e-commerce, and online marketing.

One of the major concerns of any company or project is the budget. With Sneha IT you receive the best-trained people for your company/project while reducing cost to produce work. Outsourcing give you the ability lo increase work flow while reducing cost.

Turn Over Time

Sneha IT produces the quickest turn over time on any project Our focus is on customer satisfaction. We deliver high quality work on time - every time.

All our people are highly professionals and come with a wealth of knowledge and work spirit. Most have prior experience on their work related field.

As your specs for project and business increases. Sneha IT can grow with your demands and experience level.

Our business and IT infrastructure are the solid foundation that helps build and meet any business standard.

Highest Technical Standards
Sneha IT provides the client and outsourcing team the most updated technology infrastructure to accelerate the work flow. Our IT products and services eliminates any communication gaps and flows that you get from traditional IT methods.