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Project Manager

Project Manager is a web-based project and task management software which allows you to manage customer, project and task lists online. For any customer you can create multiple projects, defining the scope of work for each project and assigning personnel.

Project Manager Features

Gantt Charts is the default project view, it displays a full list of tasks by selected project. Tasks are sorted by start date. For each task there are bars designating actual (gray) and planned (green) duration. Overdue tasks are easily distinguished by their pink bars.

Two tabs

  • Details
  • Assignments
  • Details,Shows Start, Due and Complete dates for each task, billable flag, and optional cost estimate.
  • Assignments, Displays personnel assignment to multiple tasks in a convenient matrix-style diagram.

  • Customer and Project lists,customer List and Project List are implemented as stand-alone screens in WebAsyst Customer Manager. Only users who have access to these screens can create new customers, manage customer info, and add/modify projects. Customer List can be imported from a regular text file with Comma Separated Values (CSV).

Create new project, only user who has access to the Project List screen can add new project. To create project you must specify following attributes:

  • Description
  • Customer (selected from the Customer List)
  • Project Manager, a user who has permission to add/modify tasks
  • Billable flag (allows you to designate expressly billable projects)
  • Start Date
  • Adding tasks to project