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Web Depot

  • Organize folders and files Files in Web Depot are organized in folders which are sorted in hierarchical order. Each folder may contain as many files and subfolders as you need. In the Folders panel you can collapse/expand folder (using [-] and [+] icons next to the folder name) to hide/show included subfolders.

  • Upload and download files You can upload unlimited amount of files through the same Add File form. For each file you can provide optional description (annotation). Uploaded file size is limited by your web server and PHP configuration parameters and can be set up to 2 GB. To open or download file, just click its name or icon in the list.
  • Upload archive and extract files You can upload ZIP archive and automatically uncompress it on the server side to restore full folder hierarchy contained in archive file. This feature allows you to deploy a complex folder structure with a large number of files to your Web Depot in a minute.

  • User Quotas, we define quota as the amount of storage space allocated to a user. Primary purpose in specifying quotas for users is to control resource usage on your web server. Every time user uploads a new file, Web Depot compares the total storage space occupied by all files owned by this user with the allocated quota. If the quota is exceeded, the upload operation is prohibited.

    Quotas are optional. It's up to you to specify quotas for certain users.

  • Compress files and download or save, you can compress selected files or folder (with optional subfolders) or entire Web Depot. You can then store created ZIP archive in any write-accessible folder or download archive to your local computer.

  • Email files as attachment, you can email files directly from the Web Depot without using your client mail program (e.g. Outlook Express or The Bat!). Selected files can be compressed (ZIP archive) before you send them to reduce a size of your attachment. Multiple recipients, optional subject and text message can also be provided as with any regular email message.
  • Display file list in different formats, you have several options to display list of files. Depending on the type of files you can set the most convenient format (separately for each folder):

    Grid: Tabular format where file attributes appear in different columns, e.g. file name, type, size etc. You can sort the list by any column clicking its title.

    List: A convenient option to display large icon with file name and full content of document description at the same time. Sorting feature is also available in the list format

    Thumbnail List: Displays thumbnail (small image) and file description. Great option for photo album where each picture is supplies with annotation.

    Thumbnail Tile: Displays just thumbnails one by one. Perfect to browse large image collections.

  • Copy/Move/Delete folders and files, you can copy or move the whole folder with all included subfolders and files to new location. You can also copy/move multiple files in a batch mode to any accessible folder.

    You can delete the whole folder or selected files. When you delete a file or folder it moves into Recycle Bin. You can then restore selected files and/or folders or permanently remove them. Access to Recycle Bin can be customized by administrator.

  • Search files by name or description, search function allows you to search by any key phrase containing in file name or description. Search Results list is fully operational - copy, move, delete, modify files directly from the Search Results list.
  • File Version History With Version Control function enabled, all previous versions of file stay in the system. Most recent version of file appears in the main list when you open a folder. You can easily access Version History list to see details on previous versions of file, e.g. date/time of upload, user name and comments. You can always download any previous version of file, just clicking it in the Version History list.
  • Email notifications, every user may receive email notification when his/her accessible folder is being updated, e.g. files added or deleted. This notification feature can be turned ON or OFF by administrator. Email notifications are friendly and informative.
  • Reports, web Depot provides a number of reports that allow you to see consolidated picture; e.g. overall resource usage statistics, user quotas, total number of files grouped by folders etc. There are also activity reports that allow you to see recent uploads or frequently updated files.

Available reports:

  • Storage space usage and quotas
  • Recent uploads
  • Folders summary
  • File type statistics
  • Frequently updated files (VC enabled)